I discovered the healing art of massage therapy in the year 2000, searching for a career where I could help others with something I'm good at. 13 years later, I have more than 10k hours experience but I am still  growing and evolving. I feel more energetic, in-tune, and effective than ever!

I work with clients of all ages and body types to help with issues like pain, stress, injury, and sports recovery - and even more complex cases like surgery recovery, fibromyalgia, MS and cerebral palsy. I specialize in Myofascial and Deep Tissue techniques that deliver lasting benefits for your body, although I am comfortable with most modalities, and together we'll build a custom approach that meets your goals.

I will use my strength, expertise, and energy to assist your body's natural healing processes. I am successful when you feel better and you can count on me for a consistently great massage!